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Tradition and technology

Our Wines

The wine-making process of fermenting in amphorae is the heritage of our grandparents; a technique that still forms part of our family history and culture; a legacy that inspires us to maintain and continue with great care in all our wines.

Amphoras were already used in ancient Egypt around 3,000 B.C., and later in Rome, for the preservation of wine. Examples of these containers found in Georgia and Mesopotamia show that these amphoras have long been the material in which wine was not only fermented but stored.

As well as being part of our legacy, and therefore having great sentimental value, the jars offer a multitude of nuances and singularities in their production.

Fermentation in these receptacles is a slow process that occurs naturally. These methods extract the best qualities of each variety- giving rise to fresh, fruity, unctuous, and elegant wines.