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In our hometown, we look to preserve the history of our family’s winery with elegant wines and faithfulness to our roots.

The knowledge and know-how passed through our family for generations has allowed us to continue reaching the excellence in each and every one of our processes.


Our vines grow in an extreme continental climate with very cold winters in which temperatures can drop as low as -5ᵒC, very hot summers with highs around 35ᵒC, and a large diurnal range between night and day.

This stark variation of temperature is very beneficial for cultivation of the vine, in addition to marking the character of our wines and favours the correct maturing of the bunches during the final weeks of summer.

Our area has the most hours of sunshine in Spain about 2500 per year and very little rainfall between 300 and 350 mm. annually.


The vineyard sits on sandy loam and limestone soil with clays and an abundance of boulders.

The land is poor in organic content due to the scarce rain. The deep soils cause the roots to delve deep in search of a source of water and makes them strong and resistant.


Bodegas Romero de Ávila Salcedo operates a sustainable form of vineyard management, being as respectful as possible to the environment and the biodiversity there.

The effort and risk for obtaining quality grapes lead us to limit yields per hectare. It is because of this that we prune and focus on canopy management to maintain a low production.

El entorno

We are privileged to find ourselves in an environment near the natural park of Las Lagunas de Ruidera and the national parks of Las Tablas de Daimiel and Cabañeros.

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