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Bodegas Romero de Ávila

The history of the Romero de Ávila family dates back to the 16th century, as evidenced by the family coat of arms, dated 1598, that is still preserved in its cellar.

Santiago has dedicated his entire life to wine culture. His children have grown up surrounded by vineyards, grapes and vintages and carry with them that culture; respect for his tradition; commitment and dedication; a way of life.

Santiago Romero de Ávila

Santiago Romero de Ávila, a brave, visionary and hard-working man who made it clear that he would maintain the family legacy and that in Castille-La Mancha, is possible to produce quality traditional wines; elegant wines that show traditional character of where they are made.

“We are part of a generation that bets on the future with ‘different’ wines, where ‘artisanal techniques’ are combined in a balanced way with modern technologies.”

Some of his first memories are of being inside the amphoras where the wines are made, where he got in to clean them since he was a child.

“At Bodegas Romero de Ávila Salcedo, we believe in know-how, and we prefer to take our time to make quality wines, which is why we never stop using the amphoras used by our past generations.

A slow vinification process, which brings so much complexity and aromas to the wine, that it is worth the time and effort to maintain.”


“Treating the land, the vines and the grapes with respect and love throughout their process is our way of being faithful to our tradition.”

Ana María Romero de Ávila

Ana, his eldest daughter, today fronts the generational handover. Ana had always been clear that she wanted to be part of the project- in the commercial and export parts.

She studied international trade in Madrid, was working in the United States and Poland, and then did a Master of Business in Canada. Uniting cultures through wine is part of her history. 

“I think one of the great things about the world of wine is how it brings people together, whether it’s staying around the table a little longer, talking and laughing, after the meal is over, or taking you back to a specific moment in time. The great fortune of being able to bring our culture closer and show our little world on the other side of the ocean, is a satisfaction that is difficult to explain.”

Antonio Romero de Ávila

Antonio Romero de Ávila, his youth and desire to maintain the family tradition combines with his serenity, tranquility and impetus to experiment.

Antonio takes over from his father in the production area. Currently a Food Engineering student, he has a great future ahead of him as a winemaker for the family winery.

“The experience of all the generations that have worked these vineyards, the know-how and the personal experiences kept in our memories have created a legacy that is worth keeping.”

SINCE 1598

A family business with many years of experience

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